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Zircoa Kiln Foundation

Zircoa, Inc. | Solon, Ohio


This foundation was installed in tight quarters as a full height temporary stud barricade wall with hinged doors was built to separate Zircoa’s daily workforce activities from the construction of the new foundation. Size of excavating equipment was minimal as was the technique to remove concrete slabs and subsoils from the site. Excavation at two major column foundations  proved Porter to be the best contractor to control safety and structural integrity of the existing building. Zircoa’s Engineers comment, “I was wondering how Porter was going to handle the load bearing column excavation”. Safety first but Porter performs in the most economic fashion to assist owners with their project budgets.

Four continuous 78’-0” structural cargo rails were installed with precision as the furnace required (4) 28,000 lb. fully loaded steel trollies to under pass the large furnace for material handling procedures. Project was completed with complete satisfaction pumping over 400 cubic yards of concrete through the removal of exterior wall metal siding and structural C- Channel girts. Porter Foundations has earned their reputation as the North East, Ohio premier concrete machine foundation contractor through project innovation.

Our company was very impressed with the final product that Porter Foundations had delivered to us.   Tom’s passion for his work and his attention to detail was demonstrated many times during the course of this job.  We were very pleased with the fact that he and his crew clearly delivered what he said he would.

Bruce Moore
Plant Engineer

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