Process - Porter Foundations

With over 20 years of experience in installing press pits, forging machine foundations, and large vertical boring machine foundations, Porter Foundations has gained the type of mastery to submit the most economical, structurally sound, and time-conscious concrete foundation designs.

Foundation Design

The proper foundation design and installation are crucial to the long-term efficiency of milling machines. For each unique machine chosen by our clients, Porter Foundations will carefully consider the specific needs, capabilities, and requirements to deliver an optimal design. Our design process includes:

  • Testing of machine static and dynamic loads, workpiece weights, and applied forces against existing soil load capacities
  • Full analysis of geotechnical investigation, vibration criteria, seismic criteria, cutting forces, torsional and bending requirements
  • Submitting a preliminary foundation design and cost of construction quote to the client. 

The driving force behind our process is precision and value. However unique the needs your machine foundation may be, our expertise has prepared us to discover and meet them. 

Revit Structures

Porter Foundations delivers a truly seamless workflow by adhering to the principle that planning is paramount. Revit Structures is a unique “Building Information Modeling” (BIM) design tool which allows us to build projects digitally, first, and break ground second. Seeing a fully detailed 3D model of the foundation prior to the building stages not only allows foresight from the client and building team, but full coordination of building activities to make for prompt installation. Utilizing the Revit Structures design-then-build method pays dividends for a successful, well-coordinated installation of all machine foundations.

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