Gantry Horizontal Boring Machine (HBM) Foundation - Porter Foundations

Gantry Horizontal Boring Machine (HBM) Foundation

Warren Fabricating & Machine Corporation | Hubbard, OH


Porter Foundations utilized their typical layout pad after excavation to assure “X” and “Y” axis for setting the final 55 machine anchor bolts. All steel reinforcement was installed so as to not interfere with these critical pre-set bolts. Most machine bolts are grouted after the row of machine bases are set. These embedded 55 bolts were drilled in wood form block outs after being laid out with Pythagorean Theorem and double-checked with a prism total station. Both matched and all machine bases fit smoothly for a successful project completion.

“Thank you Tom Porter and Team! We just admire your total step by step process installing these HBM foundations”

Leonard Cooper
Shop Manager and Machine Installer Specialist

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