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Wardjet Giddings & Lewis Foundation

WARD Jet | Tallmadge, Ohio


The successful installation of WARDjet’s Giddings and Lewis 300,000 lb. horizontal boring machine  foundation  included three steps beyond excavation. The first and most important was to install a concrete water tight shell. This allowed the second step to apply Unisorb vibration isolation material. Isolation material  was installed to prevent other adjacent machine vibrations from effecting the productivity tolerance of the new HBM. The final step of this HBM foundation was the installation of a 210 cubic yard reinforced  concrete inertia block. This large structural mass is  the key element providing strength and stability for the new machine. Special precautions were taken before this pour assuring all critical elevations, cooling troughs, anchor bolts, and electrical, hydraulic conduits are properly placed to receive the new boring machine.


Presenting the HBM foundation in 3D (Revit Structures) is similar to the way we present our water jet products. You have explained your foundation product well and we can see the final outcome.

Richard Ward
Engineer and Owner

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