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War Fab Skoda HBM Foundation Retrofit

Warren Fabricating | Hubbard, Ohio


Can Porter Foundations have a crew of men on site to install our Skoda HBM foundation next week? War Fab had twenty four trucks loaded with a Skoda  machine ready for installation in twelve weeks.

Porter utilized their design / build method by retrofitting the new foundation over the existing foundation. This not only saved time but eliminated a substantial cost of removing an existing foundation that was as deep as 16’-0″ already bearing on bedrock. This design and installation method paid timely dividends as the  final foundation drawings were completed while installing the new foundation. Tom Porter physically drove from Ohio to Tennessee to confirm rotary table  location as the HBM was getting dismantled set for delivery. This table location was very critical to the proper design and installation of the Skoda HBM.

These extra precautions are a given as Porter Foundations will secure complete project satisfaction.

Thank you Tom Porter for doing a wonderful job! We appreciate you and your team!

Regina Rebhan Mitchell
Owner / Operator at #TEAMWFM #TEAMOSSP

Beautiful Job Tom!

Eric Rebhan
CEO of Warren Fab and Machine & Ohio Steel Sheet and Plate

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