Alpha 50,000 Lb. Furnace Press Foundation - Porter Foundations

Alpha 50,000 Lb. Furnace Press Foundation

Zircoa, Inc. | Solon, Ohio


Project objective was to install the Alpha 50,000 lb. press foundation two hundred feet  toward the center of Zircoa’s working facility. Concrete removal, subsoil excavation, and material handling was a challenge as pathways to the new foundation  were also used for everyday functioning of the facility by their employees. The use of minimal size excavation machinery was the solution due to many smaller entrance door openings along the pathway to construction limits. Safety measures were taken using propane powered forklifts to transport foundation materials throughout the occupied warehouse as Porter installed the press foundation within five weeks.

Our company was very impressed with the final product that Porter Foundations had delivered to us. Tom’s passion for his work and his attention to detail was demonstrated many times during the course of this job.  We were very pleased with the fact that he and his crew clearly delivered what he said he would.

Bruce Moore
Plant Engineer

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